Nov 02, 2018 19:08
About you:

1.  Hello my name is Hannah, I'm 23 and I am a little lass from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

2.  All the raid days and times are absolouty fine for me, no problem

3.  I am always on the minute I get home at 17:20, so I will always be on and ready for invites!

4.  If I have work, 17:20 onwards, days off, most of the day

5.  As I was born and raised here, I would hope so! Haha

6.  I have Discord

7.  I do have a working microphone

8.  I am Negnelfi's girlfriend, he was the Boomie in the guild not long ago and I also know Looquay, Survival Hunter

About WoW:

1.  So Miruki has been through countless race changes, as I get bored.. She is a Void Elf at the mo but after Blizzcon if we get Sethrak, she will be a Noodle :P I will be changing her name to Earane, so it's easier to stick with her being Earane, I have always been MM but since this expansion MM crashed and burned and it made me very upset but I picked up BM pretty quickly but seeing as they're picking MM up again, I may change back *crosses fingers*


3.  With my BM at the moment my secondary stats are not optimal but the ilevel increase means more agility and that outways the fact I have bad secondaries but I am trying to get pieces with the same ilevel or higher with better stats

4.  With my BM rotation Aspect of the Wilds and Beastial Wrath are used at start of the fight to get that extra damage and focus up, then I focus on keeping my barbed shot up to keep my pet in a frenzy as much as I can, use my Murder of Crows when I can, I tend to swap between Stampede and Stomp depending on the boss, so far I have only been using Stampede for Zek'Voz for the extra damage on the Silithid Warriors but recently I have been thinking about changing bits in my rotation, so I will look more into it

5.  The first guild I joined was Lost Innocence when I was with the Horde, I then met Neg and moved to the Alliance which I then joined Fighting Mongooses but they fell through and a lot of people went to Cake or Pie but me and Neg applied for VII and that's where I am now

6.  I have a Light Forged Draenei Holy Paladin, she hasn't had much work put into her since Legion though

7.  With VII, I am currently on 3/8 Mythic for Uldir, was 8/8 Mythic for Antorus


1.  From what I saw from Neg and Looquay, you guys seem really nice and you're progressing and a good pace

2.  I'm hoping once I have leveled my stats out, I will be able to bring you some good dps :)

3.  I can't think of any other questions at the moment
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Nov 02, 2018 22:18
Hey Hannah.

We'll discuss your application and get back to you soon!
Nov 04, 2018 17:03
Hey again, Hannah,

We're pleased to offer you a trial, please contact one of the officers for an invite