Sep 16, 2018 01:34
Hello guys.
My Name is Josť and Iím a WOW player from Portugal.
42, married, 2 kids.
444 DaysÖ

Iím applying social to your guild, because according to your roster you guys are very active on social side, and that is something I value a lot in a WoW guild.
I have always played in Top Guild in Terenas over the years, since Vanilla.
I was Hard Core Raider in Praetorian Guard during BC, Main Tank.
Live To Tell, Head Hunters.
Iím leaving HH because the social part of guild is over.
Most of socials Xtransfer or are Horde.
So I feel kind of lonely here.
I play almost every day, dungeons, questing and some PVP.
Have a couple of Alts 100Ö
I really hope you consider my application to social.
Cya in Game.
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Sep 17, 2018 01:11
Hey Josť,

Thanks for the application, we would be happy to give you a social spot in the guild.