Feb 07, 2018 14:40
About you:
1.  Introduce yourself (name, age, sex, location etc)
Hi, my name is Scott, 41, from the North East of England and have /played: 1200 days.

2.  Who do you know within the guild that can support your application?
Thorlac AKA Chris, I know him from playing on Twisting Nether together.

About WoW:
1.  Introduce your character (name, race, class, spec, etc)
Fluke, Human, Rogue, Sub. (This is a boosted character and my only on Emerald Dream)

2.  Please provide a link to your armoury profile:

3.  What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?
I started on Khadgar in vanilla, levelled to 60 as a warlock and joined a guild called Little guild of horrors, quickly realised raiding on a potato PC wasnt going to cut the mustard so quit the game after my first raid with them in MC. Rejoined LGOH at the end of Wrath and was pretty much in the same guild up until the end of Cata were I was poached by a small guild called Risen. I rejoined LGOH after Risen disbanded a few months after the release of Mop. Continued raiding with LGOH up until the end of WoD, then the guild merged to form a new guild called SALT for the start of Legion. I was there actively raiding until I quit the game May 2017.  Just boosted a new character "FLUKE" and here I am.

1.  Why do you wish to join Indecisive?
Chris told me I would be more than welcome, plus 5% XP will come in handy.

2.  Do you have any questions for us?
Not currently.

Thanks in advance for considering my application.
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Feb 08, 2018 00:56
Hello Scott!

You're quite welcome to join. Please whisper myself (Fweo/Fweor/Fweol), Kayara, Navi, Tiamar or Toazt for an invite!