Jun 13, 2008 10:09
Indecisive is an Alliance Guild, playing on the Emerald Dream server (EU, PvE). Our goal is to provide a relaxed raiding environment to raid endgame without the pressures of 5 nights a week hardcore raiding.

Members of Indecisive are expected to act maturely and show respect towards other players on the server - this is important for maintaining the guild's reputation.
Always welcome new members, make sure they feel like a part of the guild from day 1. Unfortunately due to many bad experiences with younger members of the WoW community; we only accept applications from people over the age of 16.

All members should do their best to help their Guild mates out. In the same respect; all members can expect to be offered aid (within reasonable boundaries) if he/she requests it.

No one is forced to play at any given time in the Guild - we support the idea of a life outside the gaming world. This is not a guild for extreme or hardcore players, although we expect all our members to be professional towards their approach to raiding and progression as a guild - therefore please ensure you sign for at least 75% of raids.

Conflicts between Guild Members can happen and should be solved as soon as they arise. If you feel angry, disappointed or have any negative feelings whatsoever towards another person in the Guild, you are responsible for talking to that person yourself and do your best to straighten things out. If this fails you should turn to the Guild Master or an Officer to solve the issue. We are mature people and this is a game, there is no reason to be anything but friends.

We wish for all active members to check the forum on a regular basis. Guild chat and MotD isn't substantial enough for keeping our members up to date.

Apart from Guild Master & Officer, there are 2 other ranks in the Guild; Raider and Trial. All members are treated as equals no matter if they have just passed the trial or have been in the Guild from creation.
The trial lasts for around 3 weeks, in this time you will be expected to sign for at least 75% of the Raids where your performance will be monitored by myself and the Officers.

Raid Attendance
While we do support the idea of life outside the Guild & family commitments, we do ask for all our raiders to sign for 75% of raids over a 4 week period - as we are a raiding Guild, this is only fair.

If however you do need time off for Holidays, Work, Study etc. etc. just make an officer aware and/or pop a post up on the forums explaining it. This, of course, won’t be held against you, same as illness or emergency matters, your health and the health of your families is more important than raiding will ever be.

Any questions or comments please feel free to /w me in game for a chat.

Alex / Tiamar

<Indecisive> Guild Master
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~ Alex