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Applications / [Declined] Raizzo - DH/Monk (Raider)

« on: Feb 11, 2018 20:30 »

Maybe some of you still remember me as Raizzok (when I was in the guild), and I wanted to ask you guys if I can return to your guild?
My current status (2 daughters 5 and 2 gives me now a break now and then) so I can spend more time on Raids + Social Raids + Different stuff.

Here is my last Application : Link as Demon Hunter.

Now I play on a different server with a company of Israeli folks (and I got tired of their obsessed attitude), here is the link to my DH: Link got a mage as well: Link.

But as I can see you guys don't need other of those classes. So I can Level UP a Windwalker Monk (i have the 110 boost option) so it will fit your ranks.

Thank you in advance.
Some logs from yesterday Spellblade wipes (if it helps)
About you:

1.  Introduce yourself (name, age, sex, location etc)

My name is Anatoli 31 years old male from Israel (and yes I'm a Russian).

2.  Can you attend at least 75% of our raids? (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 20:30 - 00:00 [Server Time])


3.  Will you be on time (invites start at 20:15) and prepared for the raids you attend?


4.  When is your normal play time?

Evenings and weekends and on holidays.

5.  Do you have good English skills? Both written and spoken?

Yes i do.

6.  Do you have, or would you be willing to get Mumble?

Just downloaded. Never used though.

7.  Do you have a working microphone that you're willing to use when needed?

Yes I have. I'm using it frequently.

8.  Do you know anyone within the guild who can support your application? If not, how did you come to hear about us?

I know Lunar and Zerraz if it helps.

About WoW:

1.  Introduce your character (name, race, class, spec, etc)

Raizzok Night Elf Demon Hunter Havoc

2.  Please provide a link to your armory profile and if possible a link to any web stats that feature you.

Personal Log's:

3.  Please explain the choices you made regarding optimising your character (e.g. stat balancing, gems/enchants etc).

Watched couple of streams like "Sicklikeme" and couple guides in YouTube.

4.  What rotation or prioritisation of abilities do you use, and why?

Agility]Crit]Mastery]Haste (till I get the crit cap)
Agility]Mastery]Crit]Haste (for maximizing the Meta Damage)

The rotation:
Chaos Strike
Nemesis + Chaos Blades
Fury of the Illidary
Death Sweep
Chaos Strike on Procs/CD only if not full on energy bar
Annihilation spam.
Vengeful Retreat + Fel rush (if no energy) + Trow Glaive

Pretty much

5.  What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?

Been in a lots of guild in my WoW carrier (most of them TOP RU guilds)

Би Негатив – Played as Rogue when Ragnaros were crazy – left them because I didn’t have a good GPU for the fight and I didn’t have a spot in the static.
КрашТест – Closed most of Pandaria with these guys – Went away from WoW because the first born child I had.
Аструм – Closed with them Garosh and then the guild were on afk mode for long time because of blizzard.
Ночной Дозор – Closed with them most of the Cataclysm progression – Left as officer because some misunderstanding with another officer (wife of the gm) and the GM.
Lunar Eclipse – Max's story
Didnt make the cut – The guild currently in casual mode till they get people to raid again, most of the officer's including the Raid Leader just went off for some real life issues.

6.  Do you have any alts or experience of other classes?

Got a Mage:
Got a Rogue:

7.  Please list what raid experience you have gained with other guilds:-

Mists of Pandaria

Mogu'shan Vaults - 19.11.2012 Will of the Emperor Kileld
Heart of Fear - 07.01.2013 Grand Empress Shek'zeer Killed
Terrace of Endless Spring - 26.02.2013 – Sha Killed
Throne of Thunder - 06.06.2013 Lei Shen Killed – 27.06.2013 – Ra Den Killed
Siege Of Orgrimmar - 12.12.2013 – Garosh Killed

Warlords of Draenor

Highmaul- 24.03.2015 Imperator's Fall
BRF- 05.09.2015 Black hand
HFC- 13.10.2015 Mannoroth (After him I was unable to play because of my wife – long story)


1.  Why do you wish to join Indecisive?

I want an guild that can progress and still have fun on the way.

2.  What can you offer to this guild? Are we a good fit for you?

Big Dick Deeps and offer some tactics that will work 100% cause I still have friends in top guilds.

3.  Do you have any questions for us?

Not really.

Thank you for your time.