Jun 07, 2017 16:31
About you:

1.  Introduce yourself (name, age, sex, location etc)

Hey, my name is Ely, i am 23 years old, 24 in september. I live in Belgium but travel arround alot due to work. Etc I am professionaly active in The IT business.
And do judo as a sport, and used to compete at high levels but settled down and playing more wow lately :D

2.  Can you attend at least 75% of our raids? (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 20:30 - 00:00 [Server Time])

Yes, 100% unless something drastic happens irl ofcourse, but those are the best raid days for me.

3.  Will you be on time (invites start at 20:15) and prepared for the raids you attend?

Yes, i will be online moving to the entrance with flasks, food, and prepots and tomes probably :)

4.  When is your normal play time?

Well since i work in the it and dont have to go to the office, i can play most times of the day so there is not really a 'set' time for me :)

5.  Do you have good English skills? Both written and spoken?

Well yes since i work in the it, and also work abroad. I need to be able to understand and communicate in english, Writing is kindof sloppy though. But nothing to worry about really.

6.  Do you have, or would you be willing to get Mumble?

It's been ages since i used mumble but i still have it installed, since i used to or use discord or TS3

7.  Do you have a working microphone that you're willing to use when needed?

Yes for sure :D

8.  Do you know anyone within the guild who can support your application? If not, how did you come to hear about us?

Well when flirts and redridge were merging, then i got demoted by the rl there cuz i had familly loss and went away for some time. and just rerolled to my warrior to help the guild out,
And my buddy wich was my rogue partner in the team in previous guilds. told me u were recruiting and to give it a shot and talked to the GM of this guild about what wa needed and so on :)

About WoW:

1.  Introduce your character (name, race, class, spec, etc)

Well My rogue is a Female Human one called " Nąsty", Her mainspec is  Assasination and Offspec is Sub wich im pumping ap in now to get to 52 before tos sothey both have concordance and is still can see what way to go.

2.  Please provide a link to your armoury profile and if possible a link to any web stats that feature you.


3.  Please explain the choices you made regarding optimising your character (e.g. stat balancing, gems/enchants etc).

Well i keep like watching top players and parsing people and also use Simcraft to sim my char and to get my stat weights for my character

4.  What rotation or prioritisation of abilities do you use, and why?

Well, now that i got shoulders. my opener for example is : tricks 6 sec before pull-prepot before 1sec- garrote-mutilate-rupture-mut-vendetta-kingsbane-(depends on 4/5 cp if 5= vanish envenom _mut-env-mut-env x2 or if 4 cps a poisonned knife.

5.  What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?

alot of guilds outside emerald dream most because the guild quit or the roster was failing cuz of attendance etc, aswell as in resolve where i raided in ED first with my rogue and warrior after. And now stopped raiding with Redridge cause of the merge and issues i mentioned earlier

6.  Do you have any alts or experience of other classes?

yes, i can play most classes descently, but My two classes are my rogue and my warrior that are okay geared and got exp in mythic with the rest of my alts are not on ED and also 880-885 or even lower:)

7.  Please list what raid experience you have gained with other guilds:-

Mists of Pandaria
Mogu'shan Vaults -played pvp on my old account back then
Heart of Fear - stopped playing for a bit
Terrace of Endless Spring -Normal and 1 hc if i remember correct
Throne of Thunder - full normal, and HC except raden
Siege Of Orgrimmar - all difficulties on old acc, and some Hc bosses

Warlords of Draenor
upto brf stil lwas my old account.
Highmaul- 7/7 n and hc and 5:7 m i think
BRF-same normal and Hc full and mythic i got to maidens till guild fell appart
HFC- then i starte playing my new account, and mained a lock and mostly played in the top guilds of frostmane eu and stopped on progression of manno and kille archi m on the other accon my rogue there


1.  Why do you wish to join Indecisive?

Well i am really looking for a good base to start raiding again with good and friendly people, guilds have proposed me aspot for tos trial, but i also want to raid rest of NH mythic aswell so not sitting doing nothing for 2 more weeks

2.  What can you offer to this guild? Are we a good fit for you?

I don't know about a good fit, i only talked to the gm so far. and he was a very nice guy and being friendly aswell. so thats already good to see. and i can offer to do my best improve each time when i do an encounter i can take well put criticism and my attendance has always been on point :) also helpfull to other :)

3.  Do you have any questions for us?

Not really, maybe appart about loot system and how the trial system works like the period of time etc :)

Kind Regards,
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Jun 12, 2017 20:22
Hey Ely,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you are still interested please contact me to discuss further. You can find me as Kayara in game or battle ID: Krathe#2321