Jan 20, 2017 20:51
About me:
 My name is Angela. I have been 16 for too many years now (turning 40 this year). I come from the Netherlands. I am a teacher and am really happy with my job. I do not have a lot of time to play but try to get online in the weekend. I like to do some quests, grab my herbs and take my pets and mounts out for a walk.

My husband Haldar got me to play by showing the warlock and the minions. When i saw him play i wanted to have my own gnome (yes, with pink ponytails and always the imp).
After my warlock Yelina  leveled Yasmijn, a prot warrior.
Now my main is Yorya, holy priest. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Yorya/simple
 I like the healing role after trying dps and tanking first. After starting Yorya in BC i have had a lot of alts. I do not fancy dungeons and/or raids but i do l like to level. I had all classes at max and a few more hunters (5) and druids(3) but those are still 100. I tried all healing speccs as i really like healing the best.

The first guild i ever joined was Guardians of Destiny. Icemano was on of the first players i met there. There were not enough raiders so most left to join another guild and i got GM. I still an GM of that guild on an alt. Nowadays the guild is full with my alts.
Haldar went to the Smouldering Forge and after some time i followed him. This is were i started leveling Yorya. I think this is where i met Xalathyr.
The Smouldering Forge disbanded suddenly and the GM made a new guild: Loyalty. I was invited as 1 of very few socials. Unfortunatly Loyalty wasnt really loyal and i didnt feel at home anymore.
I found a new home in Renaissance where i still am today. The GM transferred away, left her alt in the guild and now nothing happens in the guild. All my favorite players quit, left or faction changed. I am mostly alone in guild.
So i am seeking a new home
As i said before my husband is in your guild and i always see guildchat showing in his chatpanel. I miss that.
It looks (and sounds sometimes) like you have a lot of fun and always at least a few people online.

My English isnt the best but i manage to get the message across. I do not use Mumble

I hope to join you soon.

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Jan 20, 2017 21:42
Hi Angela,

I remember you from Vanilla days, you can /w myself, Quackers, Tiamar, Kayara or Cyno for an invite