Apr 02, 2017 21:31
1.  Introduce yourself (name, age, sex, location etc)

Hey I'm just a random guy from Italy, who used to raid competitively during WotLK and started back in January.

2.  Can you attend at least 75% of our raids? (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 20:30 - 00:00 [Server Time])

Yup. Anything earlier than 8pm server time is early for me but 8:30 is perfect.

3.  Will you be on time (invites start at 20:15) and prepared for the raids you attend?

Yeah, I did the walk of shame of leveling a DH for herbing and alchemy, so I'm pretty much self sufficient.

4.  When is your normal play time?

I won't be working for a while, so I'm on most of the day.

5.  Do you have good English skills? Both written and spoken?

I'd say pretty decent. I got a few jobs through my english fluency.

6.  Do you have, or would you be willing to get Mumble?

Yeah, a previous guild I was on used Mumble.

7.  Do you have a working microphone that you're willing to use when needed?

Yup. I tend to keep it unplugged unless it's necessary that I do calls though.

8.  Do you know anyone within the guild who can support your application? If not, how did you come to hear about us?

Don't really know anyone, I saw you through a recruitment post in global.

About WoW:

1.  Introduce your character (name, race, class, spec, etc)

Rk (that's 0235), Draenei BM Hunter. I offspec as SV for content where I can mess around.

2.  Please provide a link to your armoury profile and if possible a link to any web stats that feature you.

Wowprogress is a couple days late tracking M+ runs but the rest is there.

Last week's HC NH logs. Please ignore the Skorp and Anomaly fights, I was on my phone. I got scouted by my current guild through my logs, but during progression I focus much more on fight mechanics since the spec is well suited for most.

3.  Please explain the choices you made regarding optimising your character (e.g. stat balancing, gems/enchants etc).

Crit because of shoulders+4pc, will probably be forced to switch back to mastery once I hit 41 traits since that's meta, but that might not be super efficient since I'm missing CoF+wrist legendary.
I usually stalk WoWprogress logs of people with similiar ilvl for estabilished content and do the same with the Hunter discord for theorycrafting on new stuff. I sim on Ask Mr Robot because I like the UI more than the javascript mess that is simcraft.

4.  What rotation or prioritisation of abilities do you use, and why?

Opener: Prepot>AotC>CDs>Dire Beast>KC>Dire Beast>Titan's Thunder>Cobra Shot. Else Dire Beast>KC>Cobra Shot if TBW is up or focus is high enough that it won't make me wait with KC off CD.
I use a GSE macro to autoplay during tough mechanics to avoid losing too much DPS and to keep my attention on not dying.

5.  What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?

Spirit of Alar (left due to progression slump and lack of recruitment), VLR (in the process of leaving due to deceitful practices with benching, non-existant communication with officers and early raid times)

6.  Do you have any alts or experience of other classes?

I pick up flowers on my DH.

7.  Please list what raid experience you have gained with other guilds:-

Mists of Pandaria

Mogu'shan Vaults -
Heart of Fear -
Terrace of Endless Spring -
Throne of Thunder -
Siege Of Orgrimmar -

Warlords of Draenor


Don't know what any of that is. I got half the server firsts (probably even more than that) in Ulduar 10 man back in high school.


1.  Why do you wish to join Indecisive?

You guys seem decent and I'd like to get to step off the bench.

2.  What can you offer to this guild? Are we a good fit for you?

I shoot people good. I hope you guys like that. No but seriously, I'm a competent raider who likes to do arranged content. Pugging stuff drains my will to live.

3.  Do you have any questions for us?

Do you guys do any organized grinding during the downtime? I don't expect anyone to join in my sad weekly pilgrimage to bonus roll Ursoc trinkets but what about M+? Also please contact me ingame, I am terrible at checking forums.
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Apr 03, 2017 01:13
Hi Reek,

Thanks for the application. We'll discuss and get back to you soon.

- Cyno


Apr 06, 2017 16:02
Hey Reek,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'm pleased to say we can offer you a trial. Once you have moved over please feel free to whisper Kayara, Tiamar, Quackers, Navi, Cyno or Zapzorz for an invite.
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