Nov 14, 2017 14:30
About you:
1.  Introduce yourself (name, age, sex, location etc)
Dorte, 60!, Female, Denmark

2.  Do you have good English skills? Both written and spoken? And the ability to use Mumble?
Yes ok, but Danish speaker.

3.  Who do you know within the guild that can support your application?

Emma aka Navi - I'm her mother-in-law in waiting!

About WoW:
1.  Introduce your character (name, race, class, spec, etc)
My main character is Davincy, lvl 110 Nightelf shadow priest, I also have 2 more shadow priests

2.  Please provide a link to your armoury profile:

3.  What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?
I was in Bad Omen a long time ago, they disbanded and I stopped playing WoW for a long time, I am now looking for a new home

4.  Do you have any alts or experience of other classes?
Just more shadow priests which I don't play very often

1.  Why do you wish to join Indecisive?
Because I know Emma and I want to be a social part of a guild Again

2.  Do you have any questions for us?
None at the moment
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Nov 17, 2017 19:57
Hey Dorta, see you in guild!